Thank you to whoever is viewing this and to anyone who follows my blog or has left lovely comments on any of my posts. It has really boosted my blogging confidence! This blog has over 12,500 hits, which is rather a lot and I don’t know how that’s happened! However, I apologise again for not updating enough during the course of my undergraduate degree in Psychology. I guess on top of all the work there is to do (particularly now I’m in the process of writing my dissertation) there just isn’t enough motivation/time left to write even more about Psychology on the blog as well. Overall though, to anyone who is thinking about studying a degree in Psychology- DO IT! It is a degree that will open so many doors for you career-wise as it has such vast application. It will give you a whole new way of looking at things, make you a more empathetic and understanding person as well as boosting your self confidence. I’m coming towards the end of my degree now, with graduation very close on the horizon and I am feeling quite sad but happy too. Ready to start a new chapter in my life!

In other news,  I’ve started a food blog! You can view it here:


Hopefully I’ll update this one more often…

Thanks again to everyone who’s enjoyed the blog x

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