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Fair access to family sign language classes- sign the petition!

“Nine out of ten deaf children are born to hearing families who have little to no experience of deafness. Communicating with your child is a basic right, but many families are not getting the support they need to learn British Sign Language. Sign language courses vary throughout the UK in regards to availability and price.

It is unacceptable that parents of deaf children who wish to learn sign language are not getting the help they need to communicate with their child.

We, the undersigned, are calling on the Department for Education to roll out family sign language classes for families of deaf children, and to incorporate national standards on sign language support in family services, early years settings, schools and further and higher education in any forthcoming special education needs legislation.”

If you are from the UK you can click this link to sign the petition. I believe it is for an extremely important cause so if you can please do so!